Customer cases

Customer case - Polipol

At Van de Kamp, we strongly believe in the importance of people and furniture. These values are at the core of our company and are at the heart of our cooperation with Polipol, a leading manufacturer of high-quality upholstered furniture in Europe.

Customer case - Het Anker

“The quote “Why make it difficult when you can do it together” may not have come from the ancestors of our companies, but the collaboration with Van de Kamp still exists. This collaboration has existed for more than 40 years. In fact, “Collaboration is closer than ever,” says Ron Gubbels.

Customer case - Steel & Stockings

Late last year, it was time to rethink our logistics. We organized a meeting with Joep van de Kamp and presented our problem to him. Joep put his head together with some colleagues to work out a new logistics concept for us,” Lianne Smits says.

Customer case - EuroParcs Living

“And yet it works every time with Van de Kamp,” says Teun Vleeming of EuroParcs Living. Teun is purchasing manager at EuroParcs Living and handles complete home furnishings for the vacation parks. EuroParcs owns 48 vacation parks in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Germany.

Customer case - SDB Vitrinebouw

Ask people around you what the term “it’ll be fine” means and you will hear that it is highly likely that everything will turn out fine, that the luck factor will play a role or that it is not that big of a deal.

“But not at Van de Kamp, says Colinde van de Vliet, co-owner and responsible for logistics at SDB Vitrinebouw in Rosmalen.

Customer case - Lande Group

“We exchanged our collective knowledge and experience and ultimately a completely new idea emerged. Everything that is now completed in our factories is collected by Van de Kamp several times a day from us in Schijndel and Lanaken (B). Our production series are therefore larger and conversion time losses have been greatly reduced,” says Reinier van der Lande.