Customer Case
Lande Group

Want to outsource all transport tasks?

“A few years ago I discussed our idea to outsource all transport tasks with Joep van de Kamp”
These are the words of Reinier van der Lande, Operations Manager at Lande Group from Schijndel.

The case in detail

“Van de Kamp has been transporting our products to our customers for many years and we eventually realized that there was quite a bit of profit to be made if we started thinking about the entire concept of production, storage, logistics and transport”.

Van de Kamp has been active for 90 years as a transporter of furniture from renowned furniture manufacturers from the Netherlands and many other countries in Western Europe.

“We exchanged our collective knowledge and experience and ultimately a completely new idea emerged. Everything that is now completed in our factories is collected by Van de Kamp several times a day from us in Schijndel and Lanaken (B). Our production series are therefore larger and conversion time losses have been greatly reduced,” says Reinier van der Lande.

“Van de Kamp delivers a number of times a week to our end customers from their warehouses in Druten. This provides greater flexibility and reliability. We are both proud of what we have achieved and we see this model as an example to which open and close cooperation can lead ”.

“Yes, both parties are proud of this collaboration,” says Reinier van der Lande.