Global transportation is crucial for companies operating internationally. With global forwarding we guarantee an efficient, safe and cost-effective worldwide delivery of your goods. Van de Kamp meets all your logistics needs. So we offer one central point of contact, expert guidance and worry-free transport through our partners. With us, service always comes first.

Expert in global forwarding

In addition to transportation expertise, in-depth knowledge of geography, local conditions and regulations of various countries is essential. We are proud of our global network of professionals in road, rail, sea and air transportation. To provide a customized logistics solution, in addition to our existing logistics capabilities, we use our reliable network of specialists.

Global Forwarding

Transportation methods and documentation

Global forwarding is about selecting the best methods of transportation such as ships, planes, trucks and trains. As a link between your company and the transport, we not only ensure the safe transport of your goods, but also that all associated documentation is in order. We take care of the proper paperwork at customs and that any import duties and taxes are paid.

Risk management and route optimization

Risk management and route optimization

We take measures to reduce risks such as delays or damages and ensure that we always comply with the rules of international trade. We don’t choose just any route; we select the best and most cost-effective route for each shipment. It is also important to know where your goods are. That’s why we give you the opportunity to track your shipments in real time. This way you always know the status of the shipment.


After arrival or before shipment, you have the choice to store your goods in our modern warehouses or in one of our partners’ warehouses. Our warehouses are equipped with security systems that ensure that your goods are safe. Thanks to warehouse storage, you can decide when you want your goods to be transported further. This gives you more control over your delivery times. We have warehouses and distribution centers in multiple countries so that goods arrive quickly and correctly.

The right partner for global transportation

Van de Kamp provides you with complete peace of mind regarding worldwide transport. With our knowledge of international transport regulations and procedures, we guarantee safe and punctual delivery of your products and prevent unforeseen costs. As your reliable link in the transport process, we ensure flawless transit. Leave your freight shipment to Van de Kamp with peace of mind.