Groupage Italy

At Van de Kamp you have come to the right place for groupage transport to and from Italy. Many people wonder what exactly groupage transport means. In groupage, different loads are combined in one truck. This means that we efficiently organize our loading areas for an optimal load factor. At Van de Kamp we ensure that groupage to Italy is delivered safely, correctly and of course on time. Whether it concerns a box, a pallet or a full truck, we leave daily!


Groupage transport at Van de Kamp

Van de Kamp provides groupage to and from Italy. Our drivers have the best professional knowledge in the field of general cargo and groupage and speak several languages. This is very useful when you transport general cargo and groupage throughout Europe! Your shipments are pre-registered with the recipient and delivered just in time without depots. Van de Kamp is happy to help you find the best transport solutions and packaging material. So are you looking for international general cargo or groupage? Van de Kamp takes care!

Knowledge and Craftsmanship

At Van de Kamp we stand for craftsmanship. We consider good care and quality to be of great importance in transport, including groupage in Italy. Van de Kamp has been building up experience for 90 years and we want to continue to do so! We pass on this enormous amount of knowledge to our employees. Whatever your transport request, Van de Kamp will help you professionally!

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about what we can do for you in the field of groupage Italy? Fill in the contact form or call directly: 0487-750307.

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