International Transport Company Van de Kamp has been the partner in the field of (inter)national transport for over 90 years. With over 80 permanent employees, we form a close-knit family business. It is our passion to provide safe and reliable transport for our relations and to unburden them.

Welcome to our family!

Van de Kamp forms a close-knit family with our employees and our relations. We are proud that our family business has grown into a stable and reliable organization. Our drivers enjoy working for us and appreciate the family values as if it were their own company, which is great. Our drivers also speak their languages. Very easy if you drive throughout Europe.

Our family business consists of two divisions, the first being the Furniture Transport and Warehousing group. We have a large number of box trailers that have loading floors on several levels for an optimal load factor. In addition, the cars have air suspension. Secondly, we consist of the group General cargo transport, in which we have Box Trailers, Coolers, Mega Tautliners, Walking Floor trailers and Volume Combinations.

Our equipment

Our equipment consists of a modern fleet and is maintained in our own workshop. Among other things, we have:

– Een 8-tal LNG-auto’s

– LHV’s (Longer Heavier Vehicles)

– Mega Combinations

– Swap box Combinations BDF System

– Box trucks with lid

– Tractors / Semi-trailers

– Mega Tractors / Semi-trailers

– Coolers with single and double evaporators

– Walking Floors

Our 3 family values

#1 People First
We are not just talking about trucks and logistics. Above all, our business is about people and long-term relationships. We strive for common goals together with our colleagues, partners and customers.

#2 Let’s do this
We can talk what we want, but in the end something has to be done. And in one way or another: we take care of it. We always unburden our customers. They can count on that.

#3 We love furniture
We can only be excellent specialists in furniture logistics if we really know what we are doing. Our expertise is based on decades of experience, proven methods and even more; on the love for the product. That makes us unbeatable in what we do.


In the 1950s, this was linked to the rise of the furniture industry in our region, the Land of Maas and Waal. We have built up our right to exist in that period by transporting the produced furniture from the region to the many customers in the furniture industry.

In the meantime, this industry has largely disappeared from our environment. The disappearance of the direct market in the vicinity of our company has made our network bigger step by step. By sticking to the things we are good at, we have built up an ever-increasing customer base, both nationally and internationally. In fact, we have transferred the expertise from the past to the present, expanding and strengthening our position.
As a result of changes in Europe, such as the disappearance of borders, we are now a partner for large and small furniture manufacturers throughout Western Europe.

We are specialists in the transport of semi-finished and finished products in the furniture industry, general cargo- and groupage sector by delivering to our customers’ final destination on time, safely, efficiently and without further intermediate storage. Transporting high-quality furniture without damage is an art in itself. The accumulated experiences from the past have been retained, secured and seamlessly transferred to the current generation of drivers, planners and warehouse employees. Our equipment is designed for the transport and handling of vulnerable products from this sector. Double loading floors in the trucks ensure high efficiency and the air-suspended vehicles ensure safe, damage-free transport. That has also become our trademark!


Our future lies in further expanding the experience of the past 90 years. Securing practical knowledge is becoming increasingly important in a changing world. Craftsmanship only survives when the care and quality are passed on to newer generations. Our current management faces the task of holding on to the standards and values ​​of the transport profession for the furniture industry and general cargo transport, but must also continue to compete with neighboring countries and cheaper Eastern European colleague transporters. This requires further professionalization, even greater efficiency and further training of current and future employees.

The family values, which have been carefully built up, are and will remain the spearhead of the policy to be pursued. The informal atmosphere and the short lines in the organization that have led to the specific character of our company will have to be preserved for current and future generations.

Van de Kamp house

Completely unburdening

At van de Kamp, we believe it is important to completely unburden the customer. The best drivers with a lot of professional knowledge and experience will be deployed to transport your cargo. Reliability and safety are of paramount importance to Van de Kamp. Are you curious about the possibilities in the field of transport and complete care? Contact us!


Our company has its origins in the forage trade in the 1930s. At that time, the reed industry was an important economic source in the Land van Maas en Waal.

With the decline of this industry, the region was forced to develop new skills and the rise of the furniture industry is due to this period. This development has provided opportunities for our company to become a stable transport partner for manufacturers and retailers in the furniture industry.