Van de Kamp International Transport has now been a specialist in furniture transport for more than 90 years. Your vulnerable furniture is in good hands with our professionals. If required, we also advise you on the best packaging design. We bring the products safely and on time to your store, showroom or to your customers. We also store your furniture safely with us and then deliver it exactly on time and according to your order.

  • International furniture transport

    Looking for a reliable partner for furniture transport? Then you’ve come to the right place at Van de Kamp! Van de Kamp ensures that your furniture is delivered safely, correctly and on time. Our experts are happy to think along with you for the most suitable transport solution. Van de Kamp has been a specialist in national and international furniture transport for 90 years.


    Why furniture transport at Van de Kamp?

    Transporting furniture is a time-consuming and arduous job. That is why we are happy to help you transport your products safely and on time to your store, showroom or to your customers. We store your furniture safely with us and then deliver it exactly on time to the desired address. In addition, our drivers have the best professional knowledge and speak several languages. That is of course quite useful as we distribute furniture throughout Europe!

    Our furniture transport trucks are equipped with the best techniques with double loading floors for an optimal and most efficient load factor. In addition, our trucks have air suspension, so that your high-quality furniture will be transported safely and without damage.

  • Furniture storage & Warehousing

    Are you looking for a reliable and professional partner for furniture storage and warehousing? Then we are happy to assist you! In addition to national and international transport, we also focus on furniture warehousing. Van de Kamp has been an expert in the furniture industry for 90 years and we are extremely proud of that!


    Why furniture storage at Van de Kamp?

    Not everyone always has enough space to store their goods. That is why we also offer furniture storage and furniture warehousing in addition to transport. We provide warehousing and furniture storage for many customers and several purchasing groups. To serve all these customers, we at Van de Kamp have a warehouse space of 9,000 m2 for storage and transhipment of your furniture. Your fragile furniture is always safe in our air-conditioned room. Do you need a place to store your goods? In our storage room there is always a place for your goods and they are always dry and heated. In addition, we naturally deliver them exactly on time according to order.

  • Motor transport

    We have a specially prepared truck for transporting motorcycles.

    We transport “naked” that is to say, not in crates or boxes but in clamps. This saves unloading and loading time and your vehicle is well secured.

    If necessary, we load on double loading floors. Good to know for motorcycle clubs that hold holidays in, for example, Italy, Spain.

    We are happy to help you with the crossing of your valuable property.

    Fühlen Sie sich frei, eine Nachrichtüber die Möglichkeiten zu senden.

  • Conditioned Transport

    Conditioned Transport Italy

    Looking for a partner for conditioned transport to and from Italy? Many of our cars are equipped with cool; – or freezer cabins. In this way we ensure a safe and efficient implementation of food logistics. Van de Kamp guarantees the quality you are entitled to! We do this with modern cars, trained drivers and traceable registration systems. Van de Kamp has been a specialist in air-conditioned transport to Italy for 90 years.

  • General cargo & Groupage Transport

    Groupage Italy

    At Van de Kamp you have come to the right place for groupage transport to and from Italy. Many people wonder what exactly groupage transport means. In groupage, different loads are combined in one truck. This means that we efficiently organize our loading areas for an optimal load factor. At Van de Kamp we ensure that groupage to Italy is delivered safely, correctly and of course on time. Whether it concerns a box, a pallet or a full truck, we leave daily!


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